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Simple, But Good Food

All of our food is available to take away or to eat outside on our cafe chairs and tables in the sunshine. From 17th May 2021 we will have seating inside too, to the sounds of Geeky Pie Radio!


We offer freshly made:


Bacon Rolls  £3.50

  • Bacon on brioche, or white or wholemeal or cheesy white roll or bagel

Paninis £4.95:

  • Tarragon Tuna Melt with extra mature cheddar

  • Chicken, chilli red pesto, extra mature cheddar

  • Mozarella, sundried tomatoes and green pesto

  • Ham, grated cheddar, grated mozarella and sundried tomatoes

Sandwiches made to order £5.40:

  • Chicken and/or ham and/or cheese and/or mozzarella with salad

Toasties £4.95:

  • Chicken and/or ham and/or cheese and/or mozzarella

Toasted, buttered tea cakes £2.50:

  • Packed full of raisins, sultanas, currents, and much more

Toasted bread or bagels £1.90:

  • White bloomer or granary

Gluten Free options NEW

  • White or granary bread sandwiches

  • White or granary toasties (cheese and/or ham or chicken with salad)

  • Chocolate brownie

  • Carrot cake

Vegan options

  • Nut crumble mince pie

  • Banana loaf

The range of treats includes pastries baked in the cafe freshly every day:

  • Pain aux raisins

  • Almond croissant

  • Pain au chocolat

  • Cookies

and some delicious tray bakes:

  • Rocky road

  • Granola

  • Chocolate brownie

  • Millionaires shortbread

  • Homemade carrot cake