We work with Farnham  Cycle Campaign who are aiming to persuade Surrey, Waverley and Farnham councils to build segregated cycle tracks in Farnham. This would provide a physical barrier between motorised vehicles and cyclists, and in many places, use a route away from a road altogether. An example of this is the Weyside Greenway which starts at South Street and runs along the banks from the River Wey almost all the way to the Homebase  retail park. We are campaigning for network of cycle routes across the town so that residents and visitors have an alternative to the car for urban transport. 

Ebikes make this easy for cyclists who own no lycra! This is our mission!



We are an independant shop (not part of a chain) and care about the environment and all the energy used in our cafe is from renewable sources and we even heat the cafe with a form of 'air-source heat pump', extracting warmth from outside, without the need to burn fossil fuels to keep our customers warm. 

We also care about local businesses. The mayor of Paris, Anne Hildalgo, is rolling out the concept of the '15-minute city' where most things that you need are just a stroll or a bike ride away. So what's good enough for Paris is good enough for us and, wherever possible, we buy local and encourage our customers to stay local. The ebikes that we sell allow the people of Farnham to reach anywhere in the town in a just a few minutes, without pollution, parking charges and, getting some mild exercise to boot!

We also assemble our bikes locally using technicians from the not-for-profit organisation, Bikestart, who directly fund The Source charity. The Source help local young people who are struggling, or finding it difficult, to cope with all the challenges that life throws at them.

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