The Revolution is Now!

Across the world, cargo bikes are revolutionising urban transport. Whether it's the Pedalme taxis in London or the kids chariots shown in the Motherload documentary, made by American parent Liz Canning, cargo bikes equipped with electric pedal-assist motors provide parents a great way to get to school or carry the week's shopping for very low cost and zero pollution and carbon!

motherload capture.PNG

Meet 'Carrie' the cargo bike in the Electric Cycle Cafe!   £1880


Our cargo bike can carry up to 150kg and up to 3 children and 1 adult. And having an electric motor to help you pedal means that you can glide up most hills with no more effort than travelling on the level. Of course, being equipped with 7 gears helps, and the gears and the chain are fully enclosed to protect the rider.

The rain cover is included in the price as are 3 child seat belts. Other extras already included are the integrated lock which is much quicker to use than a D-lock (great for when you pull up outside the school gates) and 2 seat cushions.

Total cost £1880 or from £107/month with Cycle Scheme.

Imagine picking up the kids from school, nipping past all the 4x4s queuing to get into the school road and then having the kids in front of you so that you can chat to them on the way home and ask them how the day went!


Safety is so important for all children and the passenger compartment features steel girders at each of the 4 corners to provide enhanced protection. The compartment is further protected front and rear by the sturday frame of the bike. Three child seat belts are included as standard.


We have extensively tested Carrie and are pleased to be able to report that aerodyamic design of the rain cover means that even in windy conditions the bikes handles as normal.


Where the magic happens! The electric motor, assisting you up hill. No need to learn how to use it, just pedal and it starts to work. You can select anyone of 6 power levels or 'off' in case you want the exercise.