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Introducing the new, British Electric Cargo bike - eCargo

Put an end to congestion, difficult parking and petrol with the eCargo bike from Estarli. 

Base model £2995 with a powerful 100Nm motor and huge 840Wh battery.

Available to order, supported by our cycle mechanics.

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The longtail eBike rides just like a normal bike, the difference being that it can carry much more on board! Combining a monster motor with hydraulic brakes, stepless shifting and a huge carryingcapacity, this eCargo is a game-changer for people who want to help the environment, get some exercise and don’t want to spend their lives stuck in traffic.

  • Massive 840Wh battery, 120km range

  • Mid-drive motor with 110Nm of torque for hills

  • 210kg total load capacity

  • Strong hydraulic brakes and 20" wheels

  • USB phone charge and automatic headlights

  • Stepless gear change for smooth acceleration

  • Front and rear racks

  • No oily chain with belt drive!

  • Family pack £250: 2 child seats or 2 junior seats or mix

  • Bench seat £49.95

  • Cargo rack for rear £95 (420mm x 820mm)

  • Available with all cycle schemes

  • Available with black or white frame

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Electric Bike
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The Revolution is Now!

Across the world, cargo bikes are revolutionising urban transport. Whether it's the Pedalme taxis in London or the kids chariots shown in the Motherload documentary, made by American parent Liz Canning, cargo bikes equipped with electric pedal-assist motors provide parents a great way to get to school or carry the week's shopping for very low cost and zero pollution and carbon!

motherload capture.PNG

Imagine picking up the kids from school, nipping past all the 4x4s queuing to get into the school road and then having the kids in front of you so that you can chat to them on the way home and ask them how the day went!

Where the magic happens! The electric motor, assisting you up hill. No need to learn how to use it, just pedal and it starts to work. You can select the power levels or 'off' in case you want the exercise.

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