Truly Great Coffee!

Our experienced baristas were recruited because of their exceptional talent at making artisan coffee to the highest standard. 


And, we only use exceptional coffee beans, from the artisan coffee roaster, Coffee Gems.  Coffee Gems is based in Farnham and run by Ricardo who grew up in Colombia and who personally knows the farmers in south and central America where he sources his beans. The Electric Cycle Cafe is proud to be able to be the only cafe in Farnham offering products from Coffee Gems. 

Order Our Coffee - you can buy Coffee Gems products in the cafe to take home as beans or ready ground, or order direct from Ricardo at his Farnham roasting shop.

Turmeric Gold

Truly Great Tea!

We use tea from Char of Winchester because of its exceptional quality. We believe that for too long, tea drinkers have just slung a teabag into a mug without giving a second thought to the incredible variety of flavours available in the world of tea. 

Our range stretches from Earl Grey Supreme, that contains blue cornflower petals to add the soft scent of wildflowers, to Turmeric Gold, a herbal infustion which contains turmeric, cocoa peel, aniseed, fennel, blackberry leaves and ginger. The brewing method is specific to each tea that we offer. 

English BreakfastWinchester Fruit Basket (no caffeine)

Peppermint  (no caffeine)

Assam Decaf (no caffeine)

Rooibos (Redbush) Gingerbread & Orange (no caffeine)

Earl Grey Supreme

Coming soon:


Turmeric Gold

Irish Breakfast

Earl Grey Supreme


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