All bikes are legal on UK roads, complying with EAPC rules, motor active up to 25kmh/15mph, 250W motor. They are fully assembled and prepared by Cytech qualified technicians. As we are a new business we do not need to pay VAT and so we sell below the Recommended Retail Price for a limited period time until our revenue reaches the HRMC threshold. So you get cheaper bikes!

We aim to provide simple advice on which bike suits your needs with a full aftercare support and 1 year warrantly covering parts and labour for any defects.


All of our bikes on this page are fitted with Bosch integrated systems which allows us to diagnose many faults via our laptop and the availability of spare parts sets our bikes apart from many of the cheaper bikes available on the internet where spares can rarely be ordered. With those bikes the failure of a minor component, such as a pedal speed sensor, can result in the whole bike heading for the recycling skip! 

If you have never experienced an ebike, why not try one out. 'Elane' is a loan bike provided by Surrey Country Council and owned by Farnham Cycle Campaign that can be lent out free of charge so that you can experience the joy of 'making hills disappear'. Please ask in store for details or contact FCC directly. When not on loan, Elane is kept in the Electric Cycle cafe.


Victoria Fahrrad bikes are based on solid German engineering and have been manufacturing bicycles since 1886, and motorcycles since 1901.

Victoria 5.7 etrekking ebike £1999 (RRP £2199). 45cm 'small size' frame. Bosch standard power 'Active Line' motor, 300Wh battery.

Colour Grey. Rack, mudguards, sidestand, Nexus hub gears for low maintenance & maximum lifetime. Seat pillar rear suspension.

Includes local delivery & free 6 week service.


Gepida are the market leader in Hungary for ebikes and have been manufacturing them since 2008, long before most British people had even heard of an 'ebike'. These bikes are also equipped with Bosch systems.

Gepida Sirmium-Deore-9 mountain ebike £1890 (RRP £2349). Medium 19" frame. Bosch powerful 'Performance Line' motor, 400Wh battery.


9 speed Shimano gears. Sidestand. Only 20.5kg, range up to 80 miles.


Includes local delivery & free 6 week service.

Gepida TURISIND Nexus 8 ebike £2350 (RRP £2599). Bosch powerful 'Performance Line' motor, very long range 500Wh battery. Medium 52cm frame.

Rack, hybrid tyres, mudguards, side stand, 8-speed Shimano hub gears, protected from road grit.

Includes local delivery & free 6 week service.


Kayza Sapric Dry-4 ebike £2395 (RRP £2499) with powerful Bosch 'Performance' system, a big 400Wh battery. 


Rack, side stand, mountain bike tyres & mudguards. 10 Shimano gears. 24kg. Small 46cm frame.

Includes local delivery & free 6 week service.

Kayza Sapric Dry-2 ebike £2250 (RRP £2299) standard Bosch 'Active LIne Plus' system, a big 400Wh battery. Medium 52cm frame.


Rack, sidestand, hybrid tyres, mudguards, 9-speed Shimano derailleur gears. 24kg.

Includes local delivery & free 6 week service.


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