Motherload Movie

Sponsored by Surrey County Council & managed by Farnham Cycle Campaign

An award-winning documentary that uses the cargo bike as the vehicle for exploring parenthood in this digital age of climate change. MOTHERLOAD captures a new mother’s quest to understand the increasing isolation and disconnection of modern life, its planetary impact, and how cargo bikes could be an antidote.

Filmmaker Liz Canning cycled everywhere until she had twins in 2008. Motherhood was challenging, but to Liz hauling babies via car felt stifling. She Googled “family bike” and uncovered a global movement of people replacing cars with cargo bikes: long-frame bicycles designed for carrying heavy loads. Liz set out to learn more, and MOTHERLOAD was born.

Here is a short trailer and the full trailer. Showing SPRING 2021.

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Motherload screenshot.png
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Farnham Electric Festival

Sponsored by The Farnham Institute  and run by Farnham Cycle Campaign  & Carve UK

Farnham Cycle Campaign are looking for volunteers to make this exciting event possible. We have booked the whole of Gostrey Meadow and Waggon Yard car park for a celebration of electric micromobility (ebikes, escooters, eskatebaords, monowheels). There will be stalls where you talk to the experts, buy products and watch electric skateboard racing. All Farnham Bike Shops will be invited to attend.

If you can spare some time to help them prepare for the event or even just as a marshall on the day, please get in touch. We are currently hoping to stage the event in September 2021 if we can get enough volunteers.

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