Up to 40% off the price of your ebike with:

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Great Coffee
Latte Art

Our experienced baristas make great coffee using beans from our Coffee Gems, beautifully crafted by Ricardo, the Columbian genius!  We are the only coffee shop offering this in Farnham. 

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Electric-Assist Bikes
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'Ebikes make hills disappear' which opens up cycling to all, in hilly Farnham. We offer great quality bikes at a great price, starting at £1399 and weighing from just 14kg.  Ideal for commuting or caravans.

Ebikes to Carry Kids
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'The revolution is NOW' and cargo bikes are changing the shape of urban transport across the world. Our first electric cargo bike carries up to 3 children, 1 parent and/or shopping up to 150KG total weight, and prices start at £1750. Why not pop in and take a look and at 'Carrie' as we've named her!

Our Mission

We care about coffee and the environment, buying local wherever possible all powered by green energy. 

We have air conditioning based on an use air-source heat pump (not gas or oil burning) running on 100% renewable electricity!